invitation 2018






             18th-22nd July 2018                



Wednesday 18th july: 60 shots. Prone and 3x20 50 m

Thursday 19th july: 40 shots prone and 3x20 shots at 200 m. v65, v70 and v75 shoot 2x30

Friday 20th July: 40 shots air rifle.

Shooting place: Kolsås skytesenter, Kolsås center, Rødskiferveien 1.


Saturday 21th July: 60 shots prone at 100 m.

Saturday 21th july 2x30 shots. 30 prone and 30 kneeling at 50 m

Sunday 22nd; 60 shots prone and 3x20 at 50 m.


Shooting place: Løvenskioldbanen shooting center, 50 m, 100 m and 200 m.

Dæhlimosen, Bærum.


Prices: Medals, gold, silver and bronze in every event. Memory prices.

Iban code:NO53 93651578777 BIC swift address:LANDNOK.1XXX

Starting fee:

 NOK 150,- (Euro 15) for each event. Please pay to kto 9365 15 78777


Age categories: V 75 (born 1943 and earlier) V70 (b 1944-1948) V65 (b 1949-1953) V55 (b 1954-1963) V 45 (b 1964-1973).

SH 1 and 2. (No age group)


Application within 9thh of July to:


The schedule of the competitions will be sent you when we know how many shooters are



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